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Fibreglass Roofing in Preston, Lancashire and the Neighbouring Areas | Long-Term Protection From Ribble Valley Joinery Services Ltd

Wind, rain and age can play havoc with your roof, causing unwanted leaks that may damage the interior. As such, you need a flat system that lasts for decades at a time with little maintenance. Ribble Valley Joinery Services Ltd provides GRP fibreglass roofing that achieves just that. Based in Longridge, our team applies this innovative solution for property owners across Preston and Lancashire – helping to protect your garage, garden room or extension from poor weather.

Short for glass-reinforced plastic and often referred to as fibreglass roofing, GRP is the option of choice for anyone looking to save money on repairs down the line. It’s quick to install and comes at an affordable price that won’t hurt your wallet.

You can rely on our team for:

Whether you’d like GRP fibreglass for a new garden room or need repairs to an existing roof, Ribble Valley Joinery Services Ltd is ready to help. Working as master carpenters, we can also provide new roof trusses and resolve problems before they escalate.


Fibreglass Roofing | The Most Cost-Effective Weatherproofing System Around

There’s a reason why many boats include GRP as part of their makeup. It delivers a watertight seal you can trust, offering peace of mind for over two decades. In fact, most fibreglass roofing installations will last for many years longer, even up to 50 years in some cases.

Seamless Water Protection

GRP fibreglass cures over the surface to create a seamless finish without joins that might let water find its way inside. This system is also very hardwearing, preventing damage that may occur from blown debris, ice and tree branches. In addition, fibreglass roofing remains unaffected by UV rays and can be supplied with a non-slip coating if you ever need to walk on the surface. As a result, it’s fast become one of the most sought-after systems on the market and, due to no use of open flame, it’s safer to install than some alternatives.

Finally, our Cure It waterproofing system looks great when finished. The flat, seamless appearance can suit any home or business in Preston, Lancashire or the neighbouring areas, and boasts a topcoat in one of many RAL colours.

Contact the Roofing Experts

Ribble Valley Joinery Services Ltd can provide fibreglass roofing quickly to reduce disruption and carries out maintenance and patching that seals up any holes present. With our care, your roof will enjoy an extended lifespan, keeping the property safe and dry for years to come. We can apply GRP fibreglass to solid roof conservatories, orangeries, outbuildings, terraces, balconies and commercial properties.

If your current flat roof looks outdated and you feel you could benefit from a new application of GRP fibreglass, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Please call 01772 387833 or 07783 979566 for GRP fibreglass roofing in Preston, Lancashire and the neighbouring towns and villages.


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